Brendan Eyre has been playing keyboards in bands with varied musical styles since he was 14,
performing everything from punk to heavy rock and most styles in between. With his trade plied
mainly around the tough pub&club circuit of North East England, Brendans own influences lay
firmly in the melodic/progressive rock genre, from the first time he bought a second hand copy of
King Crimsons “In The Wake Of Poseidon”, to the borrowed copy of the Genesis live album
“Seconds Out”(which he still has), along with a love for ELO and The Beatles; this is what formed
his musical DNA.

Having released a cd of his own synth instrumental compositions (Ghost Ships) to encouraging
reviews back in 2003, Brendan then hooked up with good friend and vocalist Marc Atkinson, to see
if they could align Brendans instrumental leanings with Marcs singer/songwriter persona. One of the
first songs they demoed together was called “Out Of An Ancient World”, and the reaction was such
that a new project was formed under the guise of Riversea. A well received support to up and
coming prog rockers “The Reasoning” followed, and an acoustic ep of demos was released to
coincide with their debut live appearance; a debut album will appear in 2011.

Brendans Nine Stones Close appearance was born out of a chance meeting with Ade at the 2009
Marillion convention in Holland, where Adrian was busy promoting his debut NSC album. Emails
were exchanged and the results can be heard on the new NSC album”Traces”.

A little known fact is that Brendan was part of the “Poolie Pride” charity single that made number
24 in the English charts back in 2005 with a rocked up version of the Rolf Harris classic “Two Little

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