Mark John Atkinson was born on Saturday 30th March 1968 (the same day as episode 3 of the Patrick Troughton adventure 'DOCTOR WHO: The Fury From The Deep' was transmitted!). He was born in his family home of 'Elm Tree Cottage', New Earswick, York. His Dad, John, ran the attached 'Elm Tree Garage' and his Mum, Joyce, was a full time (and supremely loving) Mum. One of three children (his brother Paul was born in ’65 and sister Janine in ’72), Mark was a shy but imaginative child even at an early age (even if he does say so himself!).

His earliest memory is of watching (yes, you've guessed it) DOCTOR WHO on an old black and white TV set. It was the episode where 'The Sea Devils' rose up from the water (which dates it at 26th March 1972 and a Jon Pertwee adventure!)

Marc's head is often full of such facts... :o)

He attended New Earswick Primary School until 1978 (Tom Baker was The Doctor!) and then became a pupil of Clifton Without Primary. A year later he moved up to Canon Lee Secondary School. It was at this school where he met Bryan Josh and Liam Davison (now best known for being members of MOSTLY AUTUMN).

In the summer of '83 (the Peter Davison era) the school friends decided to form a band. At first this band was called RISEN and then, before their first 'live' performance in '84 (Colin Baker's debut year!), it became EXPRESSIONS.

With Mark (later, after advice from a ‘Mentor’ who went by the name of James Cristie, he changed the ‘k’ in his name to a ‘c’ and it has stuck ever since!) on lead vocals and bass guitar, Bryan on lead guitar, Liam on rhythm, Darren Farmery on Keys and Nigel Dennis on drums EXPRESSIONS began gigging, performing both cover versions and their own original compositions.

Various line up changes occurred between '83-'89 (including the involvement of Andy Seddon on bass and Michael 'brother of Liam' Davison joining on drums) but the nuclei of Marc, Bryan and Liam remained intact. Yet even though the band played many live gigs and recorded a lot of original material, still the 'next rung up the musical ladder' evaded them...

In 1989 (Sylvester McCoy was The Doctor and the show was about to go into a 16 year hiatus!) Bryan Josh decided to leave the band and, with Liam's 'promotion' to lead guitar and Andy 'Rob' Swann joining on keyboards, the band transformed into FRONTIER.

FRONTIER were a 'slick' outfit and performed many successful shows playing both a mixture of their own material and a few 'choice' covers. By now the band members had given up their day jobs and made their money from their 'live' work, so rehearsals were an almost daily occurrence as the band had a full time rehearsal room at The Windmill pub on Blossom Street in York.

In 1990 the band entered Fairview Studios in Hull to record a 5-track demo released as BIG TALK. The session was engineered and produced by John Spence (who would later work successfully with both GABRIEL and MOSTLY AUTUMN).

BIG TALK was the most accomplished work the band had made to that point and brought them to the attention of local label TSR. The band were 'signed' at last and the result was a full album entitled NO MANS LAND (that also featured the talents of Simon Waggot with whom Marc would work again 18 years later with MANDALABAND III)

Unfortunately soon after the release of the album both Liam and Mick, disillusioned at the band’s lack of ‘proper’ success, decided to leave the band. The rest of the outfit carried on for a while with Simon Dixon and Matt Boucher, along with Marc's sister Janine assisting on backing vocals (a post previously taken by Heidi Widdup in 90-91). But by the end of 1992 FRONTIER had at last 'run out of steam' and played their last gig at the infamous 'Spotted Cow' in York...

Marc took to the club circuit playing with the aid of backing tracks (aaaahhhhhh!!!!) and his acoustic guitar. In '93 he also co-built THE BARN STUDIO (along with 'Rob' Swann and Dave Clements) a small recording studio in Copmanthorpe near York, where he still records at to this day...

In 1994 Marc joined forces briefly again with Bryan Josh and became a ‘part-time’ member of ONE STONED STONEMAN, a project that would eventually turn into MOSTLY AUTUMN...

… But before that THE BEATROOTS were born. An acoustic four piece made up of Marc, Bryan, Liam along with at first Steve Jensan and then Gary Watkingson and Iain Jennings, THE BEATROOTS were a hit at most venues they played. A combination of humour and music, THE BEATROOTS are an extremely ‘tongue in cheek’ project and went on to record ‘Live and unsliced’ and the charity single ‘Rod, The Deep Sea Fisherman’. The ‘band’ are still an ongoing concern (some people are very concerned!) with ‘re-union’ Christmas gigs performed in ’07, ’08 and ’09…

As well as continuing his solo career, Marc put together a new band, THE COMPANY, in 1995. The band went on to support such names as THE KINKS, THE STRAWBS and TANITA TIKARAM before splitting at the end of 1996 (the same year The Doctor returned briefly to our screens in the guise of Paul McGann!). Around this time Marc also began performing ‘acoustic’ shows with THE COMPANY’s George Hall and the duo played many successful shows together.
He also worked closely with Rob Swann at THE BARN STUDIO during this time and they co-wrote many songs together and even played the occasional 'acoustic' gig. (Rob continues to occasionally work with Marc to this day and Marc will have the honour of being his best man at his wedding in September 2010)
Marc won the East Coast regional final of the 1995 SEARCH FOR A STAR competition and came second in the NORTH YORKSHIRE STAR TRAIL in the same year. In 1996 he won the BBC RADIO YORK DOCTOR ROCK SONGWRITING COMPETITION with his song THE CLOSEST THING.
At the beginning of 1997 Marc formed a new band, GABRIEL, who played both as a six-piece outfit as well as a two man acoustic based act. Among the many gigs they performed was a well-received support to JIMMY NAIL.
Members of the first incarnation included Bryan Josh (later of MOSTLY AUTUMN), Iain Jennings (MOSTLY AUTUMN/BREATHING SPACE), Shelly (ex-DARE) and Dave Hardy (GOOSE HORNS and many local bands).
In 1999, after the original line up of GABRIEL gently disbanded (mainly due with the fact that Bryan and Iain were getting very busy with MOSTLY AUTUMN), Marc joined forces once more with Andy Seddon and Rob Swann, two band mates from his FRONTIER days, to create a new version of GABRIEL.

This version of the band played many gigs and started to attract a loyal local following. The band went on to record their debut album, ASCENSION, in 2000, UNPLUGGED and THE BARN SESSIONS in 2001, THE FEEL EP and DEMOLOGY 1 in 2002, DEMOLOGY 2 in 2003 and THE DEMOLOGY COLLECTION in 2004.
GABRIEL’s ‘ASCENSION’ CD featured Allan Scott on drums (ex-MOSTLY AUTUMN) alongside Heather Findley (MOSTLY AUTUMN), Angela Goldthorpe (MA), Iain Jennings (MA) and the guitar talents of Bryan Josh (MA), Liam Davison (MA) and Colin Ellsworth. Colin would go on to join the band for all their live work during the promotion for ‘ASCENSION’ and would stay with the outfit until 2002.
He was replaced in the band by Paul (Q) Cusick who impressed the other members by (nearly) pulling off BJ’s huge ‘Faith & Betrayal’ guitar solo at his audition! (Paul would go onto work with Marc in RIVERSEA and has recently recorded his superb first solo album ‘FOCAL POINT’)
At around the same time as Q, Alex Cromarty joined the band. A very likeable, young and talented musician/drummer, Alex brought with him a sense of fun and excitement that the rest of the band gladly fed off. (Alex continues to work with Marc to this day and will be providing the drums for RIVERSEA’s debut album. He also played on Q’s album and works along with his girlfriend Louise as acoustic duo ‘THE WIGGLERS).
Graham Hodge had been a member of GABRIEL since 1998 and he and Marc played many acoustic gigs together, which eventually resulted in 2001’s ‘GABRIEL UNPLUGGED’ CD, and lots of nights of laughter and music. As a slightly older soul Graham brought with him much warmth and humility, and his subtle guitar work and beautiful, rich voice were a blessing for Marc. (Graham continues to work with Marc to this day and provided contributions to all of Marc’s solo albums. He also performs his own solo acoustic gigs).
In 2001 Marc met the love of his life, Tamsin Davies, and Tam continues to be a source of inspiration for many of Marc's songs to this day...
As well as concerts with GABRIEL and the GABRIEL UNPLUGGED duo, Marc continued to play solo acoustic gigs as well as acoustic gigs with his sister Janine. With Jan he released an acoustic covers album, ‘SKETCH’, in January 2004.
Also alongside Janine, Marc became a bona fide ‘wedding singer’ when he co-founded function band CELEBRATION who went on to enjoy many successful gigs between 2000 and 2004.
Around this time Marc also helped out with backing vocals for MOSTLY AUTUMN, singing on THE LAST BRIGHT LIGHT, THE ANTHOLOGY and PASSENGERS albums. Along with Rachel Cohn (KARNATIKA/THE REASONING) and Gina Dootson he also appeared in the three strong backing vocal line up on MA’s live ‘STORY SO FAR’ DVD.
By 2004 GABRIEL were finding it increasingly hard to find good music venues to play as their all original set was at odds with the increasing emergence of ‘Tribute’ bands. The band therefore decided to concentrate more on studio work and song writing rather than live performances and set about collecting songs for what they hoped would be a strong ‘come back’ album. Unfortunately, although many songs were written and demoed during this period, the results were never quite ‘good enough’ for all concerned and therefore never made public or released in any official form. Although Marc hoped that the band would eventually re-emerge stronger than ever, GABRIEL would never perform ‘live’ again and it’s members slowly drifted on to other projects… (Andy and Rob, now a drummer, went on to co-form ROTTN KARMA)
2004 was also the year that Marc’s beautiful daughter Enya was born. The occasion was marked by the releases of his first ‘solo’ CD ‘SEASONS OF MY LIFE’. ‘Seasons…’ was written to be a ‘journey’ of an album and, as Marc continued to play more and more ‘acoustic’ gigs, the CD found a small, but appreciative, audience.
By 2005 DOCTOR WHO was back on our screens (at last!) this time in the dour form of Christopher Eccleston and Marc began putting together songs for what would eventually become his ‘This Is Where We Are’ album.
By the time of the albums release in 2006 David Tennant was now The Doctor and all was right with the world. At the end of the same year Marc began writing lyrics and melodies to Hartlepool based keyboard player Brendan Eyre’s instrumental tracks. The first song written was called ‘OUT OF AN ANCIENT WORLD’ and this collaboration developed quickly into a project called RIVERSEA.
RIVERSEA are currently still working on their debut album and it’s promised release ‘sometime in 2010’ is much anticipated (by none more so than Brendan and Marc). Joined by Paul Cusick in a 3 piece acoustic outfit, RIVERSEA played a well-received support for THE REASONING in 2008 and released THE DEMO EP to celebrate the event.
Also in 2008 Marc released a double disc, all acoustic, originals/covers release called WOOD & WIRE. As well as a desire to showcase his song writing talents in acoustic form, the CD was also made to be a ‘promo’ for Marc’s acoustic gigs and has worked well as a ‘calling card’ for him at venues throughout the country. Marc continues to play 3-4 acoustic gigs per week (he played his very last 'backing track' gig in 2008 much to his own jubilation) and can be seen at venues throughout the Yorkshire (-ish) region…
It was after hearing RIVERSEA’s ‘Out Of An Ancient World’ on Myspace that MANDALABAND’s David Rohl got in touch with Marc. David liked Marc's voice and asked him if he’d be interested in providing some vocals for two upcoming MANDALABAND releases. Marc jumped at the chance and can be heard on the ‘BC: Ancestors’ album singing two songs. He has yet to record his vocals for the ‘AD’ album, but hopes to go to David’s villa in Spain sometime in 2010 to lay them down. There are also plans for MANDALABAND to tour ‘sometime in 2010’ so first rehearsals have taken place and can be seen right now on you tube…
Between 2006 and present day Marc has also been writing an on-going novel called ETERNAL. Described as a ‘time traveling, spiritual adventure that seeks to find the answer to life’s greatest questions’ Marc hopes to have the book finished ‘sometime in 2010’…
So as we enter 2010 it’s a year of exciting possibilities. Not only is Matt Smith’s Doctor going to be superb and the writing in DOCTOR WHO greatly improved because of the leadership of the brilliant Steven Moffatt, but 2010 should also see the release of RIVERSEA’s debut, MANDALABAND’s ‘AD:Sangrall’ album, ‘ETERNAL’ and, just possibly, Marc’s next solo album…

Exciting times…

Peace, love and rock n roll

(Did you guess it was me writing all along?) :o)


EXPRESSIONS (1983-1989):

Guilty (1983)
Edge of the World (1984)
Low Profile (1985)
Dreams (1986)
In The Night (1987)
Back In The Good Old Days (1988)
(All Cassette Releases Only):

FRONTIER (1989-1992):

Big Talk (1989) (Cassette Release Only)
No Mans Land (1991) (Vinyl Release Only)
Jealousy (1992) (Cassette Release Only)

SOLO (ongoing...):

Prelude (1993)
The Barn Demos (1994)
3 (1995)
In-between The Bingo (1995)
Faith & Betrayal (1996)
(All Cassette Only)

THE COMPANY (1994-1996):

Destabberised (1995) (Cassette Only)

THE BEATROOTS (1994-     )

Live And Unsliced (1997) (Cassette Only)
Rod, The Deep Sea Fisherman (1998) (CD)

GABRIEL (1996-2006)

1:1 (Cassette Release Only) (1997)
5 Track Demo CD (1999)
Ascension (2000)
Gabriel Unplugged: The Acoustic Sessions (2001)
The Barn Sessions (limited edition) (2001)
The Feel EP (2002)
Demology (2002)
Demology 2: Pause (2003)
The Demology Collection (2004)


Sketch (2003)

SOLO (ongoing...):

Seasons Of My Life (2004)
This Is Where We Are (2006)
Wood & Wire (2008)

RIVERSEA (2007-     )

The Demo EP (2008)
Out Of An Ancient World (2010)

MANDALABAND III (2009-       )

BC: Ancestors (2009)
AD: Sangraal (2010)


‘Natural Resonance’ Compilation Album (2003)

Backing Vocal Appearances:


The Last Bright Light (2001)
Heroes Never Die ‘The Anthology’ (2002)
The Story So Far (2002)
Passengers (2003)


Under The Radar (2009)